"a spin around the west"

Join us on the evening of the 17th of May 2018, for 'a spin around the West', from the country lanes of Tipperary to the Atlantic seaboard of County Clare.

London Irish Centre, Camden present new works by acclaimed Dublin born artist, Pete Dunne.


This collection of paintings can be viewed at the London Irish Centre, Camden - Show ends August 30th 2018

Moving away from conceptualisation and abstraction, Pete Dunne wanted to present the immigrants ideal view of Ireland in a realistic snapshot of the landscape.

This series of paintings, enabled the artist to return to his Irish roots, and reconnect with the West. He set out to explore the 'rose tinted' view that allows us, the immigrant,  to divorce ourselves from the reality of everyday life, in the Ireland we left behind. The immigrants identity is forged between two places. To always have a foot in each camp, is the lot of the London Irish.

Montbretia II - £960


I spotted these on the road from Inagh to Connally in County Clare in late August 2017. They set the hedgerows on fire with their flowers and signal shorter days and autumn on the horizon.

Red Hot Pokers, Galway - £1,200

Red Hot Pokers come into flower at the end of summer and always seem like a timely reminder that soon it will be time to light the fire.

Montbritia I - NFS


I spotted these on the road from Inagh to Connally in County Clare in late August 2017. They set the hedgerows on fire with their flowers and signal shorter days and autumn on the horizon.

Horse and jockey, Tipperary by Artist Pete Dunne

The Horse and Jockey, Tipperary - NFS

I am always amazed at how tenacious life  in all its forms can be. Give it a toehold in the slightest margin and it will thrive, and it does so in the middle of the boreens in Tipperary.  It looks like the road is sporting a jaunty mohican.

Tripperary II by Artist Pete Dunne

"Tripperary" II - £780

Fanore Beach, County Clare by Artist Pete Dunne

Low Tide, Fanore, West Clare - £990

Rainy day in Stockwell - £2,400

A bend in the road, Lahinch - £1,200

It's not surprising that myths such as Hy-brazil and Tir Na NOg exist in Irish folklore. Looking west from a bend in the road in Lahinch, it's easy to imagine a land of youth out in the Atlantic where the sunlight turns to gold.

The lady of the West - £1,200

These three works were painted while I was staying in a mobile home at Fanore campsite in May 2017.  I was lucky with the weather. The sun came out, the wind died down and the rain clouds scuttled off.

Road to Corofin by Artist Pete Dunne

The road to Corofin - £900

Poppys by Artist Pete Dunne

Poppies - £2,200

Cliff approach, West Clare op

The gloaming, West Clare - £1,160

This image was inspired by a walk to a session in Ennistymon.  The gloaming is that time of day between light and dark when shadows take on a life of their own and everything is bathed in a faint luminosity.

Tripperary by Artist Pete Dunne

"Tripperary" I - £860

Fanore Beach III by Artist Pete Dunne

Sunset, Fanore, West Clare - £1,200

Upstairs on the bus, stopped at the lights at Stockwell Junction at the gloomiest time of year - 2nd week of January, I found the colours and reflections of the lights, beautiful and up-lifting.

Auld Fella in Spancill Hill - £700

Shane - £1,400 SOLD

Yvonne Casey - NFS

These 3 pieces were painted on plywood from the 40s and 50s.  I wanted something that had an earthy feel like the turf banks and something that would also carry a melody. Distressed vintage plywood fit the bill perfectly.

Ed - £1,600


Prints are available for all artworks included in this show.


The Road from Corofin
Tripperary 1
Tripperary 2
Red Hot Pokers
Montbritia I
The Gloaming
Fanore Low Tide
Lady of the West
Fanore Sunset
Montbritia II
The Bend in the Road, Lahinch
Rainy day in Stockwell
Yvonne Casey
Auld Fella at Spancillhill
Shane McGowan

These Framed Prints are currently on display at the London Irish Centre - Contact art@petedunne.net if you are interested in purchasing

Red Hot Pokers  (A2 Framed)             420

Horse and Jockey (A4 Framed)          300

Sunset, Fanore (<A4 Framed)             220

Low Tide, Fanore (<A4 Framed)         220


A2 Size  |  £200.00

A3 Size  |  £180.00

A4 Size  |  £150.00

If you would like to purchase a painting or a print, please email Gill - art@petedunne.net




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