so we decided to print a few cozy hoodies and comfy t-shirts during our lockdown time here in Ireland...   could it be considered an 'essential service', YES, I rightly think, with the US election looming!!!! #Resist

Also by selling the lovely cozy hoodies and T-shirts to you, we shall use the profits to pay for WHACKED, Pete's solo album, which was just finished before he got sick earlier this year.  We are getting 250 copies of beautiful Vinyl pressed in December.  Message @hooperandkind if you are interested and want a copy kept for you!


    If you would like to inquire about a particular print, please pop your name down with an email & contact number, the desired print size and the name of the artwork.

    Gillie will get back to you as soon as possible with pricing, timeframe and payment details.

    We will also hold onto your contact details and will drop you information about future Exhibitions and offers.

    Many thanks.