WHACKED, solo album by Pete Dunne

Launch - 23rd March 2021

A well known contemporary political artist in Ireland and the UK, there is already interest in the soon to be released, only solo album of Pete Dunne.

Made over 2 years, with renowned London producer Wizard Flemming (The Alabama 3, Chemical Brothers, Pete Tong) the album was just finished a few months before Pete passed away in March of 2020.

Dublin born, Pete, first found his artistic expression with stencils and spray cans in the early 70's. He went to London in the sweltering summer of 76, and left for India one year later. He spent the best part of the next decade as a mountain guide, trekking through the high Himalayas. Returning to London in the mid 80's, he co-founded The 7 Kevins, which became the house band for the legendary warehouse parties hosted by the Mutoid Waste Company artist collective. When The 7 Kevins disbanded in '94, Pete turned his focus solely to his artwork, leaving behind the spray cans and developing his unique social realist style working with more traditional mediums.

He has produced a large body of work in response to the recurring failures of the human condition; unsustainability, consumerism, religion, war profit and greed.

In response to the financial crisis, Pete staged an 'Anti Greed Giveaway' in the city of London and Dublin in 2011. Highlighting greed through generosity, he gave away over 600 pieces of original work.

In 2017 he produced the iconic image - CLAMP DOWN in support of the NHS collaborating with “brandalist” Dr D. London billboards and bus stops were appropriated to coincide with the “Save Our NHS” protest march.

Pete gathered together amazing talented musicians for his swan song project, including Neil Fitzgibbon (Fishtyfiddle), Mark Flanagan (Jools Holland Band), Larry Love, Nick Reynolds (Alabama 3) and Nik Diezel of L. S. Diezel.